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Nori - starch paste


Nori (paste) is very important in the Japanese style of printmaking. It works as a dispersing agent to give the ink body so it will spread evenly over the block. Ink without nori can look speckled when it is printed, often an unwanted effect, while ink with nori prints more uniformly. Traditionally, it is also used to paste the original drawing to the block.

Nori can be used for chine collé, book repair, and everyday paper pasting jobs. It is smooth, made with corn starch and it has a pleasant scent. Nori does not spoil or become moldy and it will not stain. Water reversible, nori is acid free and strong.

If you prefer to make your own rice paste, we also carry Pure Rice Starch.


  Size Shipping Weight (lbs) Price Enter Quantity
E5414 100 gram jar (less than 1/2 cup) 0.3 $3.75

E5415 220 gram tube (about 1 cup) 0.4 $6.75

E5416 220 gram jar 0.5 $6.75

E5420 1 kilogram jar (about 2 pints) 2.6 $24.95

E5424 4 kilogram bladder (about 4 quarts or 16 cups) 9.5 $79.85 SAVE 20%