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Hanga Bake

Printmaking Brush

Surikomi Bake

Printing and Stenciling Brush

Maru Bake

Round Cornered Brush

Mizu Bake

Water Brush

Magari Mizu Bake

Bent Handled Water Brush

Dosa Bake

Sizing Brush

Steiner Mixing Brushes

Dragon Skin

For conditioning Maru Bake

Tool and Brush Carriers

Economy Mizu Bake

Economy Mizu Bake
Water Brush

A well made brush, similar in style to the traditional Japanese Mizu Bake. The handle is wood, with a hole for hanging the brush to dry. The bristles are very thick tufts of soft, white Chinese sheep hair. Total length: 8 inches.

  Size Price Enter Quantity
17.5 cm (6.9" wide) $45.39
B4486 20.5 cm (8.1" wide) $52.45

B4487 23.5 cm (9.25" wide) $58.65

*Out of Stock. Our supplier is looking for a new source for Economy Mizu Bake and we do not know when we will have more. Please check back later.