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Hanga Bake

Printmaking Brush

Surikomi Bake

Printing and Stenciling Brush

Maru Bake

Round Cornered Brush

Mizu Bake

Water Brush

Magari Mizu Bake

Bent Handled Water Brush

Dosa Bake

Sizing Brush

Steiner Mixing Brushes

Dragon Skin

For conditioning Maru Bake

Tool and Brush Carriers

Dosa and Mizu Bake

Front row, left to right:
Professional Mizu Bake, Professional Dosa Bake

Back row, left to right:
Economy Mizu Bake, Economy Dosa Bake

Also called ebake or hira bake. These brushes are ideal for applying sizing, dampening paper, or painting large areas with sumi ink or watercolors.

Professional brushes are all around top quality brushes from Japan. They reflect the elegant combination of superb Japanese craftsmanship and function.

Economy brushes are made in China. The quality of these brushes is good, and they will serve you well, but they do not reach the high standards of the professionally made brushes from Japan.