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Clean Up

SavvySoap Gel Brush and Hand Cleaner

SavvySoap is easy to use, economical and earth friendly.

Made primarily from corn oil, SavvySoap removes paint, pastel and ink grime; restores bristles even from hardened brushes; neutralizes solvent odors; and is kind to your skin. We discovered it even removes Phthalo Blue ink from hands without leaving a trace! Contains no harmful terpinal or petroleum compounds, so it is environmentally safe and will not pollute.

Works with or without water. Can also be used as a stain remover before washing clothing. Has a pleasantly clean citrus scent.

Conforms to ASTM D-4236 guidelines.

  Price Enter Quantity
E1002 SavvySoap Travel Size, 2 oz $4.95

E1015 SavvySoap 16oz bottle $17.25

E1012 SavvySoap 1 Gallon $60.65

E1013 SavvySoap 1 Gallon, plus pump $62.85

E1011 Pump for 1 Gallon SavvySoap $5.50