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Overstocks, slow sellers or lightly damaged printmaking supplies looking for a good home.
No other discounts apply. Quantities are limited. All sales are final.

Shina Bundle of Six Shina Grab Bag samples

25% Off Shina 3/8" 4x6 Blocks, Buy 4 and Get a 5th One Free!

50% Off Shina Grab Bags, Buy 4 and Get a 5th One Free!

For more information see Blocks and Plates.

PLEASE NOTE: The least expensive shipping in the U.S. for one Grab Bag is in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for $6.70. For two or three Grab Bags, the least expensive shipping is a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box for $12.30. International shipping for one Grab Bag sent by Priority Mail International starts at $20.95 and goes up from there.

    Original $ Sale $
25% Off
Enter Quantity
D1240S Bundle of Six 4 x 6 - 3/8" Shina $11.70 $8.78

D1240F Buy four Bundles of Six and get a fifth one FREE! $58.50 $35.12

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50% Off
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D1299 Shina Grab Bag (20 blocks, various sizes from 2" x 2" to 4" x 4") $8.95 $4.50

D1299F Buy four Grab Bags and get a fifth one FREE! $44.75 $18.00

Three Steiner Mixing brushes

left to right, #20 Large, #15 Small, #10 Extra Small

25% Off Extra Small Steiner Mixing Brush

For more information see Steiner Mixing Brushes.

The brush maker made Extra Small #10 brushes instead of the Small #15 brushes that were ordered. Perfect when you need to transfer a small amount of ink from the mixing container to the block.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
B4510 Steiner Mixing Brush, Extra Small #10 Round $10.55 $7.90

Gamblin dry pigments

20% Off Gamblin Dry Pigments, Discontinued

We will no longer carry dry pigments once the current stock is gone.
For information see Dry Pigments.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
K7505 Ultramarine Blue PB29
Transparent, 61gm
$7.45 $5.96

K7515 Indian Red PR101
Opaque, 90gm
$5.99 $4.79

K7515LB Indian Red PR101
Opaque, 400gm
$11.40 $9.12

K7520 Titanium Dioxide White
PW6, PW4, Opaque, 76gm
$6.70 $5.36

K7520LB Titanium Dioxide White
PW6, PW4, Opaque, 304gm
$15.50 $12.40

K7526 Yellow Ochre PY43
Semi-transparent, 37gm
$5.99 $4.79

K7530 Burnt Umber PBr7
Semi-transparent, 43gm
$5.99 $4.79

Gamblin Relief Ink in glass jars Gamblin Ink skin papers

10% Off Remaining Stock of Gamblin Relief Ink in Glass Jars + FREE Skin Papers

Gamblin is switching from using glass jars to metal cans for Relief Ink. If you purchase one or more jars, we will include a box of 2" Skin Papers, a $9.95 value.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
K7702S Prussian Blue $15.95 $14.35

K7708S Phthalo Green $19.95 $17.95

K7712S Napthol Scarlet $19.95 $17.95

Caligo Ink with leaks

30% Off Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink Extender

For more information see Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink.

Several cans leaked a small amount around the lid during shipping, but there is still plenty of good, usable extender inside. If you don't mind doing a little clean up, it's a real bargain!

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
K7635LBS Extender $24.85 $17.39

Magnetic Vinyl holding a Solarplate

20% Off Magnetic Vinyl

Magnetic Vinyl (black in the photograph) holds Solarplates in place to make inking and cleaning up a breeze. Tape the Magnetic Vinyl to a board with duct tape to hold the steel-backed Solarplate steady while you are inking it. Or attach a piece of Magnetic Vinyl to a steel tray or cookie sheet to hold the Solarplate for washing after it has been exposed.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
D1930 18 x 24 $8.95 $7.15

Enameled Steel Tray

20% Off Enameled Steel Trays

Make a wash-out tray for Solarplates by attaching a piece of magnetic vinyl to the bottom of the tray with water-proof tape (indoor/outdoor carpet tape works well). Place the exposed Solarplate on it and scrub away without having to hold onto the Solarplate with your hands.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
E5520 13" x 17" from lip to lip; the flat area on the bottom is 9 x 13" $14.95 $11.95

Printmaking in the Sun DVD

20% Off Printmaking in the Sun DVD

Filmed in the studio of master printmaker and educator Dan Welden, this video shows every step of making relief and intaglio prints using Solarplates. Dan begins by showing how to create an image on mylar using various mark-making techniques. The Solarplates are then developed and printed. Tips and advice on exposure times, washing out, registration, inking, preparing paper and the amount of pressure needed from the press ensure that your printmaking experience is easy and successful.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
R2650 DVD, 30 minutes $29.95 $23.95

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exceptions.