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Overstocks, slow sellers or lightly damaged printmaking supplies looking for a good home.
No other discounts apply. Quantities are limited. All sales are final.

Three Steiner Mixing brushes

left to right, #20 Large, #15 Small, #10 Extra Small

25% Off Extra Small Steiner Mixing Brush

For more information see Steiner Mixing Brushes.

The brush maker made Extra Small #10 brushes instead of the Small #15 brushes that were ordered. Perfect when you need to transfer a small amount of ink from the mixing container to the block.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
B4510 Steiner Mixing Brush, Extra Small #10 Round $10.55 $7.90

Gamblin dry pigments

20% Off Gamblin Dry Pigments, Discontinued

We will no longer carry dry pigments once the current stock is gone.
For information see Dry Pigments.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
K7505 Ultramarine Blue PB29
Transparent, 61gm
$7.45 $5.96

K7515 Indian Red PR101
Opaque, 90gm
$5.99 $4.79

K7515LB Indian Red PR101
Opaque, 400gm
$11.40 $9.12

K7520 Titanium Dioxide White
PW6, PW4, Opaque, 76gm
$6.70 $5.36

K7520LB Titanium Dioxide White
PW6, PW4, Opaque, 304gm
$15.50 $12.40

K7526 Yellow Ochre PY43
Semi-transparent, 37gm
$5.99 $4.79

K7530 Burnt Umber PBr7
Semi-transparent, 43gm
$5.99 $4.79

Gamblin Relief Ink in glass jars Gamblin Ink skin papers

20% Off Remaining Stock of Gamblin Relief Ink in Glass Jars + FREE Skin Papers

Gamblin is switching from using glass jars to metal cans for Relief Ink. If you purchase one or more jars, we will include a box of 2" Skin Papers, a $9.95 value.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity

Phthalo Green
Transparent, PG7

Gamblin Green
$19.95 $15.96

Gamblin Etching Ink

20% Off Gamblin Etching Ink, Discontinued

We will no longer carry Gamblin Etching Ink once the current stock is gone. For information see Gamblin Etching Ink.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity

Portland Black (Neutral)
PBk9, PB29

Gamblin Black
$18.75 $15.00


Portland Cool Black (Cool)
PBk7, PBk9, PB29

Gamblin Black
$18.75 $15.00


Portland Stiff Black
PBk9, PBk29

Gamblin Black
$18.75 $15.00


Bone Black

Gamblin Black
$18.75 $15.00


Carbon Black

Gamblin Black
$18.75 $15.00


natural graphite

Gamblin Graphite
$22.95 $18.36


Prussian Blue
Semi-trans, PB 27:1

Gamblin Prussian Blue
$22.95 $18.36


Ultramarine Blue
Transparent, PB29

Gamblin Ultramarine Blue
$22.95 $18.36


Phthalo Green
Transparent, PG7

Gamblin Phthalo Green
$22.95 $18.36


Napthol Red
Semi-trans, PR112

Gamblin Napthol Red
$22.95 $18.36


Quinacridone Red
Transparent, PV19

Gamblin Quinacridone Red
$27.95 $22.36


Dioxazine Purple
Transparent, PV23

Gamblin Dioxazine Purple
$27.95 $22.36


Etching White
Opaque, PW6, PW4

Gamblin Etching White Opaque
$18.75 $15.00


Hansa Yellow Light
Semi-trans, PY3

Gamblin Hansa Yellow Light
$27.95 $22.36


Yellow Ochre
Semi-trans, PY43

Gamlin Yellow Ochre
$18.75 $15.00


Semi-trans, PR101

Gamblin Sepia
$22.95 $18.36


Transparent Base

Gamblin Transparent Base
$18.75 $15.00


Gamblin #2 Burnt Plate Oil (thinner), 8fl oz

plate oil

Please note:
Burnt Plate Oil cannot be
shipped by US Mail, only by UPS.

$8.95 $7.16


Basic Color Set:
Portland Black, Prussian Blue,
Quinacridone Red, Hansa Yellow Light,
Transparent Base

$110.53 $88.42


Professional Set, 300ml cans:
16 colors, Transparent Base,
#2 Burnt Plate Oil, Tack Reducer,
Magnesium Carbonate and Skin Papers

$371.12 $296.90


Use to hand wipe intaglio plates. Tarlatan is a starched, open-weave cotton fabric.
Soften or remove excess starch by rubbing or washing.

E3005 36" wide by 10 yards long $21.25 $17.00

Enameled Steel Tray

20% Off Enameled Steel Trays

Make a wash-out tray for Solarplates by attaching a piece of magnetic vinyl to the bottom of the tray with water-proof tape (indoor/outdoor carpet tape works well). Place the exposed Solarplate on it and scrub away without having to hold onto the Solarplate with your hands.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
E5520 13" x 17" from lip to lip; the flat area on the bottom is 9 x 13" $14.95 $11.95

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exceptions.