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Overstocks, slow sellers or lightly damaged printmaking supplies looking for a good home.
No other discounts apply. Quantities are limited. All sales are final.

Arches 88 White

20% Off Arches 88 White    22" x 30"

One corner of a recent shipment of Arches 88 was dented. For a description of this paper, please go to Western Printmaking Papers.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
P7008S Arches 88 White    22" x 30" $5.59/sheet $4.47/sheet

Odd Size Shina Blocks

10% Off Packs of Odd Size Shina Blocks

Fun sizes for your next project. Great for student use! Click here for more information about easy-to-carve Shina Plywood.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
D1280 1/4" Shina, 3.5 x 3.5, Pack of 12 $9.99 $8.99

D1281 3/8" Shina, 3.5 x 3.5, Pack of 12 $13.96 $12.55

D1283 1/4" Shina, 5.75 x 8, Pack of 6 $18.79 $16.89

D1284 3/8" Shina, 5.75 x 8, Pack of 6 $26.22 $23.59

D1285 1/4" Shina, 3.75 x 4.875, Pack of 12 $14.92 $13.43

D1286 3/8" Shina, 3.75 x 4.875, Pack of 12 $20.88 $18.80

Registration Board with tapered L
Registration Board with tapered L Registration Board with tapered L

20% Off Registration Board with tapered "L" — ONLY ONE

The working part of this Registration Board is fine; the inside of the backwards "L" that the block fits into is square and true. But the long leg of the "L" tapers from 2" in the corner to 1 3/4" at the outer edge. This gives you a little less room for paper margin compared to a normal Registration Board.

For more information see Registration Boards.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
E4901B 14 x 18, tapered leg (opening: 12" x 16", "L" on the right) $19.85 $15.88

Gamblin Etching Ink

20% Off Gamblin Etching Ink, Discontinued

We will no longer carry Gamblin Etching Ink once the current stock is gone. For information see Gamblin Etching Ink.

    Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity

Portland Stiff Black
PBk9, PBk29

Gamblin Black
$18.75 $15.00


Napthol Red
Semi-trans, PR112

Gamblin Napthol Red
$22.95 $18.36


Quinacridone Red
Transparent, PV19

Gamblin Quinacridone Red
$27.95 $22.36


Dioxazine Purple
Transparent, PV23

Gamblin Dioxazine Purple
$27.95 $22.36


Hansa Yellow Light
Semi-trans, PY3

Gamblin Hansa Yellow Light
$27.95 $22.36


Yellow Ochre
Semi-trans, PY43

Gamlin Yellow Ochre
$18.75 $15.00


Semi-trans, PR101

Gamblin Sepia
$22.95 $18.36


Gamblin #2 Burnt Plate Oil (thinner), 8fl oz

plate oil

Please note:
Burnt Plate Oil cannot be
shipped by US Mail, only by UPS.

$8.95 $7.16

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exceptions.