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Overstocks, slow sellers or lightly damaged printmaking supplies looking for a good home.
No other discounts apply. Quantities are limited. All sales are final.

Kozo-shi paper with damage Kozo-shi paper with damage

15% Off damaged Kozo-shi paper

The paper slumped in the box so it took on a dent along the short side. The first photo shows the worst of the damage; the second photo shows less damage which would probably come out completely if the paper were dampened.

Kozo-shi is an off-white, smooth surfaced, machine-made paper. It is sized so it can be used for Moku Hanga as well as western style printmaking. Click here for a full description of Kozo-shi.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
P6908S Kozo-shi, damaged 25 x 38 $4.95/sheet $4.20/sheet

Masa Dosa Paper without deckle

15% Off Masa Dosa Paper Without a Deckled Edge

There was a miscommunication between our supplier and the papermaker, and as a result the deckled edge on the Masa Dosa we received in our last shipment had been cut off. (The single sheet of paper on top in the photo has a deckled edge, while the stack of paper below it does not.) This is actually helpful for Moku Hanga printmakers who have to cut the deckle edge off their paper anyway. Click here for a description of Masa Dosa.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
P6903S Masa Dosa Without a Deckled Edge, 23 x 32 $8.95/sheet $7.60/sheet

Student Hosho paper with dent

20% Off Professional Hosho with dent

We received an order of Hosho with a dented corner. The dent extends approximately 3" along the length of the paper and 6" - 8" along the width. Hosho is made to be with oil-based ink. Click here for a full description of Hosho.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
P7005S Professional Hosho with Dent, 19 x 24 $4.75/sheet $3.80/sheet

Caligo Process Red and Process Yellow cans

15% Off Dented Cans of Relief Ink

Shipping can cause damage so these cans look a bit worse for wear but the ink inside is still fine. Click here for more information about Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink or Gamblin Relief Ink.

Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
K7635LBS 500gm (1lb+) Caligo Ink Extender $25.63 $21.79

Gamblin Relief Ink  
K7714S 175ml Quinacridone Red Gamblin Relief Ink $17.95 $15.25

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exceptions.