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Engraver's Sandbag

Top to Bottom: 5.5" Leather, 5.5" vinyl (no longer for sale) and 9" Leather Sandbags

Engraver's Sandbag

Traditionally engraving blocks are placed on a sandbag. The tool is placed on the block and moved slowly while the block is rotated, turned and moved under the tool. A leather sandbag makes this technique easy to accomplish.

Using a Sandbag for engraving

Sandbags are also stacked to raise the block up to a more comfortable height for carving, putting less strain on your shoulders and back.

Sizes refer to the size of the sandbag before sand is added to it. Filling it with sand puffs the bag up so the actual top working surface is smaller than 5.5" or 9".

Engraver's Sandbag

  Size Shipping Weight Price Enter Quantity
C3000 5.5" Diameter, Leather 2 lb


C3001 9" Diameter, Leather 7 lb $28.00