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Becoming Made DVD

Becoming Made:
The Artist and a Japanese Woodblock Print

with Mary Brodbeck

Becoming Made is a documentary film about the creative process, from the search for inspiration, through the carving of wood and the spreading of ink, to conversations with poet-philosopher Mark Nepo on the value of creative work. The DVD includes an overview (rather than detailed instruction) of the Japanese woodblock printmaking process called Moku Hanga; interviews with important artists in the Moku Hanga world including Karen Kunc, Richard Steiner and April Vollmer, as well as Ms. Brodbeck's Japanese teacher and mentor; and examples of both contemporary and historical prints. Ideal for those hoping to be inspired, or wishing to inspire others, in this form of printmaking and the artistic process in general.

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Becoming Made:
The Artist and a Japanese Woodblock Print

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