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Baren & Presses
Standard Quality Baren

Large and Medium Baren

Standard Quality Baren

These baren are constructed of lacquered cardboard disks with bamboo sheath covers. The texture of all of them is fine to medium.

The cotton twine coil in the Large Baren is stiffer than the paper coil used in the Medium Baren, allowing these Baren to transfer the pressure from your arm more efficiently so you can pull a good print with less work.

Because of price, many printmakers start with a Medium Baren (A6208). However, the Large Baren (A6209) is more effective, because it has a stiffer shin (coil) and it is large enough to resist dipping into cleared spaces on the block, making clean, even and rapid printing more possible.

A free sample of Camellia Oil is included with each Baren.

Shipping weight: 0.3 lb each

Standard Quality Baren

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A6209 Large: 13 cm (5.1"), synthetic twine coil, stiff backing $36.95

A6208 Medium: 11.0 cm (4.3"), twisted paper coil $9.95